Blumhouse of Horrors
Provided show control system consulting and support on a large-scale haunted attraction built in an abandoned Los Angeles theater.
Chimelong Paradise – Nightmare Realm
Designed and implemented extensive improvements to audio, lighting and prop control in one of the haunted attractions of a major theme park in China.
Chuck E Cheese Animatronics
Provided animatronics software and technical support for programming shows that are distributed to the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant chain.
Deadpool’s Super Duper Dance Party
Programmed motion and lighting control for a Comic Con exhibit featuring a life-sized animatronics figure of the Deadpool character.
Field of Screams – Maryland
A large (10 acres) haunted attraction facility with four different attractions that benefits a local youth club. We designed and programmed all audio, lighting and prop control for each of the four attractions.
Katy Perry Peacock
Programmed dynamic lighting on a costume piece synchronized to a musical number in a live performance.
Quilmes’ Zona Paranormal
Designed audio, lighting and prop control for a haunted house/escape room in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Also provided on-site installation and support services.
Designed and developed control software, electronic hardware and the mechanical system for a bagpipe-playing robot.
The Grinch: Motion Picture Promotional Piece
Designed and installed multiple video playback systems in a “Christmas Tree” piece fabricated for a promotion for the move, The Grinch.
The Purge Breakout
We programmed audio, lighting and prop control for a mobile escape room used to promote the movie, "The Purge Anarchy".
Tony The Tiger
Developed a system for wireless control of an animatronics character head on a Tony the Tiger walk-around suit. Included wireless audio to a speaker on the suit.
Under the Boardwalk Exhibit – Georgia Aquarium
Provided programming and onsite installation services for animatronics characters at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.