Custom Software Contract Work

Our custom software development work is not just limited to show control systems.  Below are a couple examples of projects we’ve done for other industries:

Invisible Waves Pro Audio Products

We were contracted by Kaltman Creations to develop software for a suite of products for RF frequency analysis that assist in the setup and placement of wireless transmitters for theater and other live performance venues.  This led to the development of four separate, commercially available products:

  • Invisible Waves RF Spectrum Analyzer
  • RF-Intermod Pro
  • RF-Vue Spectrum Analyzer
  • RF-ResQ

More information on these products can be viewed at


Invisible Waves

RF-Intermod Pro


Glentek MotionMaestro

Headquartered in El Segundo California, Glentek designs and builds high-end servo motors and drives for a wide variety of industrial uses. We were contracted by Glentek to develop software that assists users in the intricate process of setting up Glentek drives for specific motors and applications.

Glentek MotionMaestro