Ben Holmes

Ben Holmes joined the company in 2009, bringing with him a large assortment of colorful hats.  Ben holds a degree in Information Systems and Technologies from Weber State University and is well versed in all of the state-of-the-art internet and network development tools.  He is also expert in the installation of audio/visual, lighting, network systems, and in overall show control system architecture.  And that’s just one box of the hats he wears.  Another box includes hats for project management, webmaster, electronic design & manufacturing, 3-D CAD, CNC, servo control systems, quality assurance, customer support, carpentry, cabling and a plethora of other useful (often disparate) skills that greatly enhance the scope of the services we can provide for our customers.  

Ben excels at onsite integration and support.  His broad skill set combined with a strong talent for troubleshooting makes him an essential player in all of our contract work. His willingness to go the extra mile often finds him assisting other onsite contractors with their own technical issues just to make sure the overall project is completed on time.

Ben’s multi-role function as VP of Product Development and VP of Services puts him in a perfect position to keep the company well connected with the latest in technological innovations from a variety of industries and disciplines.